The world is not enough…

The world is not enough…

Kort geleden aangekondigd door Nakheel, een van de grote ontwikkelaars in Dubai: ze gaan na het voltooien van de Wereld eilanden –  ook vorige week als zijnde voltooid verklaard – een nieuw megalomaan project voor de kust ontwikkelen. Zo blijft Dubai de komende 15 tot 20 jaar lekker zandspuiten. Goed voor Nederland, want Van Oord gaat volgens mij ook dit project weer uitvoeren. Zie onder het stukje dat in de lokale krant Gulfnews stond.

Nakheel announces new multi-billion island project

By Saifur Rahman, Business News Editor
Published: January 19, 2008, 23:12

Dubai: Nakheel, the developer of the three iconic palm islands and the World, is expanding Dubai’s coastline with the launch of a massive real estate development, the Universe – which will spread from the Palm Jumeirah to Palm Deira.

The Universe will be a cluster of large coral- shaped islands, which will see the development of major residential, commercial and tourism projects. The Universe will have 3,000 hectares of land and will take 15 to 20 years to develop.

“The biggest risk is not taking a risk at all,” Sultan Ahmad Bin Sulayem, executive chairman of Nakheel, told a gathering of VIPs on Saturday.

He said his company has overcome a lot of challenges in developing the Palm trilogy and the World.

Nakheel’s expertise will be tested in the new development, he said.

He also announced on Saturday that 50 per cent of the World project has already been sold out. Nakheel will progressively announce the phased development of the Universe in the coming months.

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